Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is simple, eating healthy should be easy and fun! From the orchard to your shopping cart, our products are handled with care throughout their journey.  We select the best varieties of apples, ensuring they are fresh, crisp, and delicious.  Promoting a healthy and easy lifestyle is at the heart of our company, we focus on bringing new, creative, and healthy products to you!

Our apples are bathed in an FDA approved wholesome blend of vitamins and minerals to keep their delicious taste and natural color.

Varieties are chosen by season and quality levels. Gala, Pink Lady, or Granny Smith apples are usually what you can find in your bag of apple slices.

We have organic red and green apple slices! Visit our products page to learn more.

Our apple slices do not contain gluten.

Our apple slices and orange wedges are Kosher Certified. Look for the Star-K certification on our packages!

You should refrigerate our products at 34-38°F until you’re ready to enjoy them.

You do not need to wash our products, they are washed and ready to eat!

The majority of our apples come from large Grower/Shippers in Washington, with some during the growing season come from local Central Valley California Grower/Shippers.

We process in California and New Jersey.

We are diligently working towards using power sourced from the sun to drive a majority of our electricity needs.