Welcome to Fresh Innovations, your expert partner in fresh, healthy and delicious sliced apples. We have been slicing and packaging great quality apples for over 20 years, including both organic & conventional varieties.

Why Prize Slice Apples taste great?

We know what it takes to grow a great tasting apple. It must be flavorful throughout, and it must be crispy! Prize Slice Apples are picked at the perfect time to capture all of their delicious taste and freshness. Our growers have been harvesting apples this way for years… and we proudly use Washington State Apples! Quite frankly, we don’t think that you can find a better tasting apple!

How do Prize Slice Apples maintain their natural appearance?

Our apples are bathed in a FDA approved wholesome blend of vitamins and minerals to keep their delicious taste and natural color.

What ingredients are used in Prize Slice Apples?

Fresh Sliced Apples, Vitamin C, and Calcium… no artificial ingredients.

What varieties of apples do you use?

Varieties are chosen by season and quality levels. Gala, Pink Lady, or Granny Smith apples are usually what you can find in your bag of Prize Slice Apples.

Are Prize Sliced Apples gluten free?

Yes, Prize Sliced Apples are gluten free.

Where can I find Fresh Innovations sliced apples?

Costco regionally, Jason’s Deli nationally, Disneyland and schools across the country.

Prize Slice Apples shelf life?

21 days from production.

How to handle our sliced apples?

You should refrigerate Prize Sliced Apples at 34-38 degrees until ready to enjoy.

Do you need to wash Prize Sliced Apples before eating?

No, they are washed and ready to eat!

Our mission at Fresh Innovations is to provide innovative products that are great-tasting, convenient, and healthy. All of our products are either fresh or have been developed to use with fresh ingredients in a unique and fun way. Since 2001, Fresh Innovations has been providing great tasting innovative products across the nation.

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With our innovative foods you never have to choose between convenience, freshness, or great taste. Our products are all of these things and more! Since 2001, Fresh Innovations has been providing great tasting innovative products across the nation. So, for convenience, freshness, great taste, nutrition, or just plain fun, try all of the wonderful products brought to you by Fresh Innovations.

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  • Customized programs to fit your needs
  • Stable pricing
What Makes Us The Best?
  • Strict quality control means no food safety worries for you, your friends, and family!
  • Stable pricing and year-round availability makes for easy food cost planning
  • Washed and ready to eat!
  • First company to offer USDA Commodity processed sliced apples to schools.
  • Real Innovation
Quality Assurance
  • In-house quality assurance laboratory and third-party inspection
  • Processed under HACCP program
  • Certified Organic by CCOF